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Park View Legal provides affordable and guaranteed credit restoration services by attacking the negative items sinking your credit score. How do we stand apart from the competition? We simply begin with credit repair. Click here to find out more.

It's never been a more important time to work on your credit score. As lenders get tougher on who gets to borrow, your score becomes your greatest asset.

How Much Is It?
After getting started for just $59.95, you'll get a complete credit evaluation by our team of analysts to begin the process of improving your credit. After the $59.95 enrollment and case analysis process, you may choose to become an Park View Legal Member who qualifies for all our services.

The "Law" Myth
There is a lot of hype and rumor about who can repair your credit. The Fair Credit Reporting Act leaves it up to you to decide who can take care of your credit issues, regardless of claims by overpriced per-hour lawyers or competitors who claim that your only solution is to hire a partnered firm.

Our Guarantee
Our guarantee and refund policies are as simple as our services are: If we do not fulfill the terms mutually agreed to in our Agreement, you get your money back.


A Solid Guarantee We're so confident in our services we GUARANTEE our services. If we don't remove derogatories, you don't pay. Period. Don't believe us? Call and ask one of our Credit Repair Specialists! 888-321-0980