When Stephen was in his late teens and early twenties he was uninsured. After a medical emergency he ended up with a number of hospital bills that piled up and became too much for him to realistically afford to pay. These bills turned into collections that began to appear on his credit report as negative items.

Eventually the damage to his credit started to materialize in his everyday life. He couldn’t get new lines of credit, he wasn’t approved for a lease on a car, & multiple other opportunities were closed to him. Prior to working with Park View Credit, Stephen’s credit score was 610.

Stephen decided to take action, but he was skeptical. After hearing about Park View Credit through a friend with success in our program he reached out to us. He was introduced to his Analyst, who took him through the credit repair process, and the importance of maintaining good credit step by step.

Stephen started to see results, but it took time. He was able to monitor his progress using his online credit repair portal. He received letters from the bureaus with each round informing him of all the negative items that Park View Credit was able to have deleted. After sticking with Park View Credit’s program for 7 months Stephen’s score is now a 740! If Stephen damages his credit again somewhere down the road, he doesn’t have to worry. We make re-enrolling easy, because every Park View Credit customer is a Life Time Member!

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