Beno was naive to the concept of credit, and how it works. Being new to the US he wasn’t aware that opening new credit cards and missing payments would end up having such a big impact on his everyday life.

He wanted to settle down, but when he inquired about getting qualified for a home loan with poor credit he was presented with a harsh reality. Beno decided to seek help. After getting in touch Park View Credit, he realized that he wasn’t alone.

Park View Credit and their team of credit repair experts had his back. During his consultation he learned about various ways of building positive credit, using the advice to stay proactive while Park View disputes the negative items appearing on his credit report.

Beno began to see results in the forms of letters from Experian, Transunion and Equifax notifying him that the items Park View Credit disputed were being removed. While he’s still enrolled in the program, He now understands the value of having good credit and he is grateful to have an ally in Park View Credit.

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