How exactly do we improve your credit rating?

Review Your
Credit History

Dispute Claims
Against You

Permanently Remove
Unsubstantial Claims

Once you create your account with us, we arrange all the details and dispute reasons discussed during your credit consultation. This process usually takes one to two days, but once completed your initial dispute letters will be ready to send. These letters are prepared by our team using the initial dispute reasons you gave our consultant. We will also need to include a few other verification documents, which will be explained during the credit consultation.

Once the dispute letters are received by credit bureaus, they will respond directly to you within 30 days with your dispute results. These results will show the dispute outcomes and whether accounts have been deleted, verified, corrected, or remain. These letters need to be forwarded to our office for review, after which we will create additional disputes, as instructed, on all remaining questionable items.

1. Getting started: your free credit case evaluation

Call 888-998-2889, or complete our easy online form to the right. One of our credit specialists will help you with your free credit case evaluation shortly!

2. Your Certified Credit Consultation

When you become a member, your Certified Credit Analyst will call you to conduct a line-by- line review of your credit profile to determine what we can do to improve it. Unlike our competitors, we give you a thorough analysis of what is truly happening with your credit. What you’ll get during your consultation:

a. Case analysis

We will do a detailed analysis of your credit and explain how certain areas of your report are helping or hurting your credit rating. Our analyst will make sure you understand the process.

b. Identify what will likely happen in your case

During your call with your Certified Credit Analyst, you’ll learn what can be done to repair your credit.

c. Credit building guidance

While we do most of the legwork in challenging your credit reports with our legal correspondence and methods, we will also explain how adding and supporting a positive pay history will help increase your credit rating. We don’t just assist in restoring your credit… we help you build it.

d. Time frame of services

Your first call will come a few hours after enrolling into the program, so we encourage you to prepare questions specific to how our program may benefit your search for home, auto, and personal financing.

All dispute results will be sent directly to you. You will be in the know every month regarding your credit! Once your results are forwarded to our processing team, we will be able to create additional disputes as instructed by you and begin the dispute cycle over again.

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